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Let’s have a little fantasy battle between Zoids and Gundam! our combatants are Liger Zero Vs. Wing Zero


 RZ-041 Liger Zero

Lion Type

Helic Republic/Guylos Empire

Crew 1

Weight 85 tons

Depth 24.0 m

Height 8.3 m

Maximum Speed 307 km/h

Weapons Laser Fangs, Strike Laser Claws (4), AZ 208 mm Double-Barrelled Shock Cannon, AZ 108 mm High-Density Beam Gun

Equipment Changing Armor System (CAS), Ion Turbo Booster Unit, Downforce Stabilizers (2)

Wing Gundam Zero

Model number: XXXG-00W0

Unit type: transformable mobile suit

Operator: Gundam pilots

First deployment: 22 September AC 195

Accommodation: pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso

Dimensions: head height 16.7 meters

Weight: empty 8.0 metric tons; max gross weight unknown

Armor materials: gundanium alloy

Powerplant: ultracompact fusion reactor, output rated at 3732 kW

Propulsion: rocket thrusters: 88150 kg total

Equipment and design features: sensors, range unknown; Zero System combat computer/pilot interface in cockpit; self-destruct system

Fixed armaments: 2 x machine cannon, fire-linked, mounted in torso; 2 x beam saber, stored in recharge racks in wing binders, hand-carried in use

Optional hand armaments: twin buster rifle, can be separated into two separate single-barrel buster rifles

Arena: Desert on planet Zi

Rules: No cockpit attacks, Full range of weaponry described above is available, One on one battle, No self detonation, Zoid cannot go berserk for any reason (Just covering any variables LoL) Let’s get ready to rumble!   

My outcome:

Close one in my book mainly because both mecha are close in speed, agility, and  i know many will knock me on this, melee ability. The Liger is a animal type and i have yet to see a humanoid take on a lion and win lol, but in the case of mecha warfare this wont always stand true. So I see Wing Zero spamming its twin buster rifles to keep the savage Liger Zero at bay, Liger Zero using its speed and agility to avoid the barrage counters with its 208 mm Double-Barrelled Shock Cannon and AZ 108 mm High-Density Beam Gun while closing the gap. it would then boil down to melee with the animal instinct of the once wild zoid leaping in with Laser Fangs and Strike Laser Claws clashing against Wing Zero’s Beam Saber and highly adaptive Zero system. Wing Zero de-claws Liger Zero one the first attack but the liger still clamps down with fangs tearing one of wing zero’s arms off. In a last ditch attempt wing zero counters with machine cannons but its too late and the liger stands over the ruined mecha roaring in victory….. Just my opinion, and i would live to hear yours! it dont have to be anywhere as long as mine lol just tell me who you pick and why, I love a healthy mecha debate! So you tell me… who wins?

  1. totoroninja answered: Wing Fucking Zero! HEERO YUI alll day NIgggaa!
  2. thelightingcount answered: yeah i’m pretty sure the Liger would get blasted before it could get out of the way of the blast. the radius of the twin buster rifle is huge
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  5. likeakisswithoutanyshame answered: liger zero most definitely
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